Hearing Voices: Is it Schizophrenia, some form of psychotic process, Dissociation/ Dissociative Identity Disorder, or connecting to the Spirit World

Hearing Voices: Is it Schizophrenia, some form of psychotic process, Dissociation/ Dissociative Identity Disorder, or connecting to the Spirit World

Admitting one hears voices in their head is not an easy thing to do. When I do intakes at my Post Doc job that is always the hardest question for some to answer. Most do not want to admit it unless they feel that a professional will hear them and not automatically assume they are crazy. It is tough with our Medical Model and our current understanding of Western Psychology. Unfortunately we tend to pathologize symptoms instead of trying to understand them. The link is a WONDERFUL discussion and video of a woman who experienced hearing voices and her struggle after confiding in a friend and her experience with various professionals. Please take some time and check it out. It is wonderful to see a person speak out about this topic considering how difficult it must be to talk about this. In my next post during the week, I will discuss the difficulty in understanding ‘hearing voices’ and the different possibilities for the origin of them.

Love, Light, and Healing..

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Living with my fiance and her 3 kids. And our 2 cats. Just trying to get by in this crazy world. Started on my spiritual path 3 years ago after continued profound experiences. Music is my passion. Currently working as a counselor, life coach (just starting), behavior analyst, and spiritual consultant. Certified in Reiki I and II. Looking to finish up Advanced Reiki and become a Reiki Master by the Fall of 2013. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. I then continued my education and attained a Masters in Intensive Special Needs (M.Ed.) at Fitchburg State College and then my Board Certified Behavior Analyst Certification (BCBA-D) from Master Level courses from the University of North Texas. I then decided to pursue my education in psychology at the Doctoral Level at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP). I also attained a Masters in Arts in Psychology after completing my 2nd year of courses at MSPP. I graduated with my Doctorate (Psy.D) in Clinical Psychology from MSPP in August of 2012. I am currently doing my Post Doctorate Fellowship to attain supervision hours to sit for Professional Licensure in Psychology. I have clinical experience with clients with Mental Health Disorders, Spiritual Issues, Social/ Emotional issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Learning Disabilities, and other Special Needs ranging in ages from 2 to 65. I have worked for nonprofit organizations, private and public school systems, consultation services, community out-patient therapy services (individual, couples, group, and family), and an inpatient hospital. In addition to training in child, adolescent, adult, couples and family services, I have experience treating individuals coping with trauma, substance abuse, ADHD, depression, mood disorders, conduct disorders, dissociative disorders, anxiety, panic disorders, eating disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. My clinical work also focuses on sensitive issues concerning cultural, holistic, and spiritual aspects. I have over five years focusing on children, adolescent, adult, and family therapy in clinical psychology, in addition to my 12 years working as an ABA therapist/ consultant, case manager, clinical supervisor, and special education educator.
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