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Much Thanks to All

@DrNickGolden: A little holiday humor for you. Hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends and giving thanks for all that you have. Much love to all!!! :).

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New Business Venture- Check us out!!

Check out my new business venture. I am helping them start up a new business. Check out their website, FB page and Twitter

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Uselessness of Worrying

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Scientific DNA proof of Ancient Human interbreeding with a Mystery Species

I really like the DNA scientific proof that Ancient Humans interbred with some form of Mystery Species. Obviously there are questions to what this Species is, but lets simply sit with the fact there is hard science proving that humans … Continue reading

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Evil, Morals, Power: A Discussion on 10 Psych Studies that will change what you think about yourself

I am going to focus on 3 main points that the article ( commented on: 1. We all have some capacity for evil. 2. We can experience deeply conflicting moral impulses. 3. We’re easily corrupted by power. I believe these … Continue reading

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1st Chapter of Dissertation (See post below for Summary)

CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION   Relevance of Spirituality and Psychology in Understanding Diagnostic Psychological Issues   “Nico, I love you to the moon and back.” These were words spoken to me by what I originally believed to be an “alter” … Continue reading

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Abstract and 1st Chapter of my Dissertation on Spirits, Possession/Incorporation/Mediumship, Dissociation, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Psychology, The Western Medical Model, Cultural Psychology

Here is the Abstract and First Chapter of my Dissertation for my Doctorate from August 2012. Please check it out. Its about a shared understanding of Psychology/The Western-Medical Model and a more Cultural and Spiritual Understanding based on our understanding … Continue reading

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